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 Bright Star-Like Flashing Over NE Treetops- another one joined it 8/26 NE OHIO

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xXxPrince NeyoxXx
xXxPrince NeyoxXx

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PostSubject: Bright Star-Like Flashing Over NE Treetops- another one joined it 8/26 NE OHIO    Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:22 pm

Clear, crisp night; was skywatching as normal and around 10PM I noticed a bright "star" on the NE treetop horizon line that is not normally there as I pretty much have the skies memorized by this point; it was stationary for about 15 mins so I chalked it up to an actual star that I have somehow overlooked every night and then it started moving downward (slowly). Then it bleeped out (flash to nothing) and reappeared less than a min. later. It then traveled left, right (very, very slowly) down into the treetops where I could no longer see it; back up again for around 2 hours (it is now around 12AM EST). I noticed during watching it that it would "bleep out" when I airplane was in the sky (4/4 times). It then "bleeped out" when I thought to myself "I should get my telescope." It slowly faded back to sight when I thought to myself "it must not want to be seen with a telescope- I will not go get it." Most people would assume this is purely chance but it is not the first time this has happened this year. I firmly believe they have telepathic intuition. For instance, when I try to get my boyfriend to check out our Alien Friend, it will either play "possum" and be a "star" until he leaves, or it will complete fade all together. So, to date, I believe he thinks I am nuts, and that I am thinking a star is an Extra Terrestrial craft. He is a non-believer. Anyway, another "star" (fainter, further in distance) joined the original and proceed to act in the same mannerisms as the first (but never bleeped out, simply moved left, right, up, down over the course of a few hours. In my high power binocs I could clearly tell that they both had flashing lights (red, green, purple, white). I finally had to go to bed at 2AM because I could not keep my eyes open any longer. I am not sure how long they stayed out last night after that. I can determine it was 10PM-2AM at least.
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PostSubject: Re: Bright Star-Like Flashing Over NE Treetops- another one joined it 8/26 NE OHIO    Sat Oct 02, 2010 5:40 pm

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Bright Star-Like Flashing Over NE Treetops- another one joined it 8/26 NE OHIO
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